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Helping to find your perfect partner, in climbing and in life

Most climbing websites help you find a climbing partner, but why stop there? At we aim for the best possible service, so we are introducing a new online dating app for climbers and boulderers to help you get the most joy out of your sessions at the gym, the crag or on your woodie at home.

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Your climbing logbook on theCrag is analysed by cutting edge AI to produce partner matches based on your unique climbing style and preferences. We strongly believe everyone deserves love, so Thrutchr is designed to give you long term life satistfaction whether you prefer to lead or follow, flash or spot, dog or jug.

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Male - Septuagenarian

Experienced aid climber coming out of retirement. My rusty piton hasn't been hammered in for over two decades.

Female - Age uncertain

Love hard finger sessions. I like hangboards and watching movies about training and long chats talking about training.

Male - Mid 40's

I'm a long time offwidther, seeking to experiment and have new experiences with a younger and open minded boulderer

Female - 32

Seeking a good all rounder with a soft belay and who is willing to drop knee and commit to a proper ring lock.

Male - 46

No nonsense guy. Some might call me a very traditional climber and if I'm honest all I want is someone with a large rack.

Male - 24

New to climbing, I've only ever climbed on the local very smooth limestone. Looking for something a bit rougher.

Happy April 2019! :)

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